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Uttarakhand Famous Baal Mithai 900 GMS

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Desi Ghee’s Baal (Bal) Mithai is manufactured in Uttarakhand Almora.It is made from 100% pure ghee. These are home-made sugar balls that have a unique taste. Ghee doesn’t clog your arteries, as it doesn’t contain cholesterol, which means you can eat as many as you want without worrying! It is an Indian desert/ sweet that is 900 gms. It has a light, soft and delicate texture. It is simply made by using milk, sugar and cream which makes it yummy, hygienic and healthy for the kids. With a sweet and delicious taste, these mithai are a must-try. These sugary sweets resembles the taste of pure ghee (clarified butter) and simplicity with no artificial color, preservatives or additives.

1 review for Uttarakhand Famous Baal Mithai 900 GMS

  1. Priyanka Pawar

    I tried baal mithai after a very long time ..it tasted same as the ones my naniji used to get from Pahad.. delicious and pure.

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